What’s New In the Solar Energy Industry For The Consumer

Solar power was in a permanent state of advancement in 2019, with new improvements in solar panel technology announced almost weekly. In the last year alone, there were landmarks in wearable solar technology, solar energy storage, solar efficiency,  and solar design tech. Keep reading to find the full update on all of the breakthroughs you should know about in the world of new solar energy products technologies.

Solar Technology: What Is New In 2019?

There are two main types of solar technologies: concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV). Solar PV technology catches sunlight to produce electric power, and CSP provides the sun’s heat and uses it to produce thermal energy which powers tanks or heaters. With both of these kinds of solar energy comes a broad range of opportunities for technical innovation. Here are some of the newest emerging solar panel technologies for 2019:…

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