5 Of The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Under The Tree

 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Home

Home automation devices have become an important part of the maintenance of the home. This is especially true with robotic vacuum cleaners. These robots have become smarter, more powerful and more efficient for a great clean on many surfaces. If you want a good clean this holiday season, you need the best robot device.

How To Choose The Best Home Automation Robot For Cleaning Under The Tree This Holiday Season

Robotic vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes with different benefits and features. If you are after one that can specifically deal with pine needles and other debris, you need certain features. The first thing to see for is suction power. These creatures need to be able to suck the needles and other mess from a carpet as well as hard floors.

On a related note, it must be able to handle large debris in the canister without clogging up or dying. Maneuverability is also important here as it needs to be intelligent enough to avoid hitting the tree. It also helps if it can get under the sofa and into the corners because those needles can get everywhere.

5 Of The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Under The Christmas Tree

1) The iRobot Roomba

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This range is always seen in lists of the best robotic vacuum cleaners, and with good reason. These machines are smart, powerful and capable, which makes them ideal Christmas guests. The short height of 4 inches means that there are more than capable of getting underneath the tree and furniture. In fact, they are less likely to get stuck than many other models, except the iClebo.

This means that should deal with all those rogue pine needles pretty easily. It also has a pretty consistent suction and performance on different floor types. The reason we haven’t gone for a specific model here is simple. Most would opt for the Roomba 880 as the affordable intelligent option that it easy to use. However, there is a more expensive 960 model with smartphone controls. The question is whether this connectivity is enough to make it better than the 880.

2) The Samsung POWERbot

Of course, you don’t have to go with iRobot at all, as there are plenty of other top brands out there. One that has gathered plenty of momentum, and fans, is Samsung. Their POWERbot range is well respected for its powerful cyclone force suction, point cleaning for specific problem areas and ease of use.

This range is a great tool for the home at any time of the year because of these clever features. However, there are additional elements that ensure that it meets the criteria outlined above. It is highly maneuverable thanks to the Easy Pass wheels and the square corners allow it to get into tight corners.

The strong suction and combo pet hair brush mean that it should have no trouble on pine needles and tinsel strands. It also works on different surfaces, much like the iRobot. Finally, there is the “visionary mapping” from the onboard computer so that it won’t drive into the tree.

3) The Iclebo Arte YCR-M05

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We mentioned this iClebo model above as one of the few to beat the IRobot Roomba on height. This is a clear selling point when looking for a robot that will pick up needles from under the sofa. However, other features make this machine stand out as a great option this holiday season.

The running time is 119 minutes, which gives it more stamina than many of the other models on the list. There are many tricks up its sleeve to employ within this time frame. It has a strong suction on hardwood floors and carpets, but also a mopping ability.

This means that once it has cleaned in the living room, it can deal with the spills from Christmas dinner. This performance means that many see this iClebo model as one of the best value for money options right now.

4) The Ecovacs D79 Robotics Deebot

Value for money is essential at this time of year. This means that multi-functional robotic vacuum cleaners are often more appealing than a specialist model. This is why this Ecovacs D79 model makes this list for the holiday season. This is a multi-surface cleaner that adapts to become a canister vacuum with the hose when needed.

 There are lots of interesting features here to ensure a great clean across the home. It is another low-profile model with the ability to follow a clear path. All the users have to do is push a button, use the remote or create a schedule.

Most of the time, this robot can deal with the mess all on its own. That is further enhanced by the fact that it also charges and cleans itself – most of the time at least. It is smart enough to return to the charging dock, where it can dump all the waste into Its Designated Receptacle.

5) The Bissel Smart Clean 1605

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Home

The final option in this list is one that may pass some consumers buy because it isn’t quite so high tech. It is missing the fancy programming and remote, and cannot clean itself like Ecovacs model above. However, it still offers great performance for a low cost and is easy to use. Ease of use is an underrated quality with these machines.

You don’t want to be fussing with difficult programming set-ups when there are more important things to do at Christmas. Ideally, you want a machine that you can place on a floor, switch on and leave alone. This Bissel machine does that while offering a great clean on hardwood floors. It also has the bonus of the side brushes, which some of the most expensive models lack.

Which Of These Robotic Vacuum Cleaners To Choose For The Holiday Season?

There are some diverse models in this list, which shows just how far home automation devices have come in recent years. This diversity means that you can choose an option that best suits your needs, floor type, and budget. There is the multi-functional Ecovacs D79, user-friendly Bissel SmartClean, powerful Powerclean, hardworking iClebo, and smart Roomba. The choice is yours!


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