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Lyra-kdf.net is a technology blog that is dedicated to the Lyra key encryption algorithm.

In addition to keeping that work alive on the net, we also cover the latest advances in home roboticssolar power and human augmentation  (used to extend human abilities and vision) technologies.

Lyra KDF

Most people in the world today use the internet for online transactions and payments – and that’s why encryption algorithm is so critical, from Amazon sales pages to Paypal transactions. The algorithms that protect our bank details, account numbers, personal data and other sensitive information are fundamental to our society as a whole.

Lyra KDF is a lightweight key encryption algorithm that provides security for online transactions and payments. It can send a large amount of data in sequential order. Lyra was designed by students at Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo.

Lyra2 was released as a public domain option with two extensions, Lyra2-δ and Lyra2p.

DES, Triple DES, RSA ( RC4, RC5), and AES are also discussed on our website.

Solar Energy

Solar panels are very beneficial for powering and heating the homes. Many companies provide the best solar panel with latest technologies like Perovskite.  Perovskite Solar Cells contains a  significant amount of iconic compound that includes the metallic lead.

 A reliable solar power system needs the expert panel, inverter,  battery systems and solar generators to provide the backup power to a home in an emergency. Tesla ‘s  invisible solar roof tiles are used for creating the solar energy for homes and built the electric car and solar energy.

Thermal and Infrared Imaging

Infrared technology is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to see in the dark and tap into this invisible wavelength. Thermal imaging technology has become much less expensive and today provides thermal panoramas, a thermal time-lapse option, different color palettes, still and video capture and sharing options.

Robotics and Smart Home Automation

Home automation is a big business today, and robots are invading that business at a rapid pace. We provide the latest information on robotic products for the home.

I hope you enjoy our blog – it’s just a part-time hobby of mine.

Please let me know if you like/hate/need to correct anything you see here – I’m always open to new ideas!


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