Everyday Examples Using Human Augmentation

Do you know the importance of human augmentation? Can you imagine the person from the cinematic world that overcame all odds and used his knowledge and experience with technologies to overcome his disabilities and emerge as an outstanding individual?

Yes, that individual is none other than Tony Stark, from the Iron Man of the Avengers superhero saga.  Aside from the fact that this particular character was a wonderful illustration of IoT’s cinematic profession, another place where Tony Stark surpassed was human augmentation.

With the support of comprehensive human augmentation technology, Tony Stark showed that there’s a cure for an opportunity that allows people to update themselves and put their disabilities to rest genuinely. So yes, yours truly Tony Stark’s switch to Iron Man is a relatively cool example of human enhancement.…

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Can The Public Accept Human Enhancement?

Human enhancement technologies are opening up many exciting new possibilities. But they are also bringing up questions about what it means to be human, and what’s right or wrong for our individual and collective well-being. These new technological applications are geared towards restoring or improving mental and physical abilities for medical purposes.

However, those new applications can be turned around and used with a different goal in mind: enhancing performance. Think of athletes! However, using this technology is will be an individual choice; it nevertheless has an impact on society as a whole. An international group of researchers led by the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, and Oxford University has been exploring the ethical issues arising from such experiments.…

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An Artificial Robotic Hand Helps Improve Performance In Different Tasks

Some kids are born with Poland Syndrome meaning that the affected hand cannot function normally. The kids with this condition cannot perform various tasks like playing their favorite game. On the other hand, amputees also suffer the same fate following the removal of the hand due to different conditions.

However, there is a ray of hope since such people can harness the affordable 3-D technology to overcome their challenges. The inspiring story of Hailey Dawson’s robotic hand shows that people with artificial hands can also perform various activities like any average person.

Hailey Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome, a rare condition that affected her hand such that it could not function normally. Touched by her situation, the students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ (UNLV) College of Engineering faculty came to her rescue. They designed a 3-D printed robotic hand that helps Hailey to perform an increased number of functions.…

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See The Road Differently With The MINI Connected Augmented Reality Glasses

Best Augmented Reality Glasses

Virtual reality headsets are nothing new. You put them on, plug in and transport yourself to another world. There you can play games or do whatever else will take you away from reality. The idea of a pair of augmented reality glasses for driving is different. You don’t want to distort reality when driving.

However, you do want to improve your perception of it to make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable. MINI has teamed up with San-Francisco designers Qualcomm to create their glasses for the road. Mini is leading the way with these glasses, as no other car maker has thought about doing this. Is there a significant reason for that, or are other car makers missing a trick?…

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Enjoy Predator Vision With The Vision Enhancement Tech Of Flir One

FLIR One Is  Vision Enhancement Device

Infrared technology is a helpful tool for anyone that needs to see in the dark and tap into this invisible wavelength. It has many practical applications and industrial grade camera are sought after. However, there is also a call for commercial-level devices for consumers that want to play around in the dark.

This is now possible via the vision enhancement software of the FLIR One. FLIR means forward-looking infrared, and this is apt. This is an example of the thermal camera systems of the future, with its clever use of infrared cameras and thermal cameras.

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