Even With a Pandemic Renewable Energy Grows Stronger

The renewable energy sector has experienced its worst year in decades due to the pandemic, but new sources for producing electricity have managed to grow, the International Energy Agency said.

Consumption of power generated by wind, solar and hydroelectric sources will increase almost 7 percent in 2020, a remarkable leap because overall energy requirement will slump by 5%, the steepest fall since World War II, the Paris-based forecasting group asserted in a new report.  This performance indicates that these renewable sources of energy are resistant to Covid.…

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What’s New In the Solar Energy Industry For The Consumer

Solar power was in a permanent state of advancement in 2019, with new improvements in solar panel technology announced almost weekly. In the last year alone, there were landmarks in wearable solar technology, solar energy storage, solar efficiency,  and solar design tech. Keep reading to find the full update on all of the breakthroughs you should know about in the world of new solar energy products technologies.

Solar Technology: What Is New In 2019?

There are two main types of solar technologies: concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV). Solar PV technology catches sunlight to produce electric power, and CSP provides the sun’s heat and uses it to produce thermal energy which powers tanks or heaters. With both of these kinds of solar energy comes a broad range of opportunities for technical innovation. Here are some of the newest emerging solar panel technologies for 2019:…

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Perovskite Solar Technologies Are Impressive, But Do They Need So Much Lead

Best Solar Technologies

The need for new, efficient solar energy products is undeniable. As more companies work to create appealing, consumer-focused products, efficiency remains a top goal. Many companies are competing to provide the very best panels with new solar technologies. SolarCity is opening a mass-production facility in Buffalo, New York, with panels reaching levels of 22%. Panasonic claim to have since beaten that.

One Of The Interesting New Technologies For Solar Panel Creation Is That Of Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite Solar Energy

These new cells reach efficiency ratings up to 20% and are applicable in many situations. They are printed used ink-jet technology on flexible plastic film, which should revolutionize manufacture in some ways.

When combined with current silicon cells, the efficiency and appeal of the panels can only increase. At least that is what the manufacturers and designers had hoped. The problem here is that there is another material found within these new cells that isn’t …

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Are Tesla’s Invisible Solar Roof Tiles The Future Of Attractive Solar Energy

Tesla’s Attractive Solar Energy For Homes

Solar panels have many benefits as a way of powering and heating a home. However, they are not always the most attractive of products. Tesla is out to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way with their new invisible solar roof tiles. The solar glass tiles received their grand unveiling on the set of Desperate Housewives.

It was a neat trick to show that the most attractive LA homes can still look great with a solar roof installation. Elon Musk’s team had stripped the old roofs and replaced them with these new glass tiles with solar cells inside. They still look like slate and tiled roofs, with no sign of solar tech. This is much more appealing than a big black mass of silicon cells.…

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Is Solarcity’s Gigafactory A Wise Solar Power Investment

Solar Energy Investments In Factory

It is usually places like California that receive all the praise and investment when it comes to solar power. This time is the turn of Buffalo, New York. An industrial park near Lake Erie is set to become the home of SolarCiy’s new factory. The aim is to produce the most efficient solar panels for the commercial sector.

Their aims are not small either, with a total of a gigawatt of panels expected from the site each year. That equates to 10,000 panels a day. It this too risky a venture? Or, have SolarCity tapped into the right part of the solar energy market at the right time?

There Are Some Concerns Over The Scale Of The Investment And The Cost

Solar Energy Panels

This is not a cheap investment for Buffalo, as the facility has already cost around $750 million. The facility came about through the kind funding of New York State, …

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Is It Time To Consider Placing Solar Energy Farms On The Water

Various Tips  For Generating The Solar Energy

The benefits of solar power are undeniable. Many Americans have now come around to the idea of powering their homes and cars this way. Tesla made electric cars and solar energy cool again, and installations are gradually becoming more user-friendly.

The problem is that an increased call for solar means a need for large solar farms to provide the energy. There is some debate over the best location for these farms. One idea is to head out to sea with the new Heliofloat.

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