Enjoy Predator Vision With The Vision Enhancement Tech Of Flir One

FLIR One Is  Vision Enhancement Device

Infrared technology is a helpful tool for anyone that needs to see in the dark and tap into this invisible wavelength. It has many practical applications and industrial grade camera are sought after. However, there is also a call for commercial-level devices for consumers that want to play around in the dark.

This is now possible via the vision enhancement software of the FLIR One. FLIR means forward-looking infrared, and this is apt. This is an example of the thermal camera systems of the future, with its clever use of infrared cameras and thermal cameras.

Why Is This New Thermal Camera System Catching The Eye Of So Many Technophiles?

The sales pitch about the FLIR One talk about giving people “Predator” vision. It is all about seeing people through body heat as colorful images., rather than their actual form. Back in the 80s, it was a fun visual effect to show the alien senses of the Predator character.

 In the decades since infrared tech has progressed significantly in cameras and other applications. In most cases, these applications are purely scientific, industrial or military. Thermal imaging can help to track mechanical issues and security issues, tracking intruders in bases and facilities. This means that infrared camera isn’t widely accessible commercially. The idea of a smartphone accessory with high-tech infrared vision is different.

The FLIR One Vision Enhancement Device Is Set To Change That, Bringing The Same Type Of Imaging To Everyday People

Infrared Cameras

This new unit is a self-contained device containing the camera, thermal camera, and battery. The use of two cameras means that the FLIR ONE combines two images with MSX Technology. This layers physical details onto the raw thermal data for a better image. The use of the built-in battery is great because it means users won’t drain the battery of the phone.

 The battery life here offers around four hours of continuous use. The impressive element here is the way that they have shrunk the tech into a portable device that connects to a phone via the lightning connector. The imaging tech is10.6×10.6×5.9mm and the system weigh just 3.9 ounces.

This all means that the only additional part is the iPhone, which provides the display for the image and app and file storage. The FLIR ONE App sounds impressive. It provides thermal panoramas, a thermal time-lapse option, different color palettes, still and video capture and sharing options.

Naturally, There Will Be Some Limitations To This Device Because The Tech Has Shrunk Down

Reports suggest that the device provides a resolution of just 80×60. However, that’s still pretty good for the scale. The capabilities are all relative. It works in a temperature range of 0-100 degrees and at a distance of 100ft. This is nothing compared to military grade models but should be ideal for backyard games in the dark. The designers are also keen to point out that it isn’t the same as having X-ray vision. It can see the heat signature of pipes, but it cannot see straight through walls or doors.

This New Vision Enhancement Device Is A Great Step Forward Into Commercial Products

This is isn’t as big a jump for FLIR Systems as consumers may assume. They already have prior experience in this type of equipment, having worked with the Unites States Department of Defense and other top industries.

 They have previously made professional-level cameras for fire departments and medical grade devices. This experience is all useful for adapting the tech to a commercial audience. This is still big news for the general public that always wanted to have a go with this type of vision in a user-friendly way.

The only potential downside for keen buyers is the cost. This iPhone accessory isn’t cheap, at $349. However, it is affordable enough for those that have longed to enjoy this technology and will make the most of it. At the moment, there is iPhone compatibility for any iPhone5 or iPhone5S running iOS 7 or above.

 There is also an Android option. The Predator theme is just a gimmick. After all, users aren’t encouraged to go chasing after prey in the dark like a deadly alien. However, there is great potential here. For some, it will just be enough to see the home or outside world in, quite literally, a whole new light.

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