See The Road Differently With The MINI Connected Augmented Reality Glasses

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Virtual reality headsets are nothing new. You put them on, plug in and transport yourself to another world. There you can play games or do whatever else will take you away from reality. The idea of a pair of augmented reality glasses for driving is different. You don’t want to distort reality when driving.

However, you do want to improve your perception of it to make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable. MINI has teamed up with San-Francisco designers Qualcomm to create their glasses for the road. Mini is leading the way with these glasses, as no other car maker has thought about doing this. Is there a significant reason for that, or are other car makers missing a trick?

How Does This New MINI System Work?

MINI System With Augumenented Reality

MINI Connected is a system that projects data onto a pair of augmented reality glasses. Drivers can see out of them as normal but will have additional data at their disposal. These stereoscopic lenses link up with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS for complete connectivity. This data can plot directions and information on the road ahead – such massive arrows on the road surface as guidance.

They also designed it to offer information on nearby parking spaces and added a clear speedometer and hazard detection. This is ideal for increased safety awareness. Qualcomm is looking at this device much like an Apple wearable product, with the insistence that these augmented reality glasses are just as practical for everyday life.

Augmented Reality Glasses And Driving: Is This A Good Idea?

The glasses bring elements of the dashboard and the car’s computer system into your field of view. This will presumably limit the need to take your eyes off the road. However, there are concerns that this eyewear will be distracting in some way. Also, the last thing you want is it glitching halfway along a freeway.

Test suggest that these fears are pretty much unfounded. The other benefit is the fact that this is a small pair of glasses, not a big headset. You are not shutting off from the road at all. Tester says that the glasses are pretty light and should be beneficial while driving.

Does This Mean That There Is The Wide Mass Appeal?


In some ways, this is the logical midway point between the clever car with GPS and onboard computer and the driverless car. This new system provides the information and convenience for the journey ahead, but still requires a real person behind the wheel. That raises the question of what makes these augmented reality glasses so special and desirable to the consumers.

The answer is the x-ray vision. The idea is it can see through doors to the small child playing on the curbside; that may otherwise be invisible. This also acts as an assistant for parking by showing the wheels in the parking space.

At the moment, this product is in its infancy. There are augmented reality glasses prototypes available for testing at conventions and trade shows. With time and a few changes, it should become available commercially. There is a chance that it won’t be quite as smart or attractive by then. Having said this, this could still be a tremendous new aid for those trusting enough to use it.

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