Perovskite Solar Technologies Are Impressive, But Do They Need So Much Lead

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The need for new, efficient solar energy products is undeniable. As more companies work to create appealing, consumer-focused products, efficiency remains a top goal. Many companies are competing to provide the very best panels with new solar technologies. SolarCity is opening a mass-production facility in Buffalo, New York, with panels reaching levels of 22%. Panasonic claim to have since beaten that.

One Of The Interesting New Technologies For Solar Panel Creation Is That Of Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite Solar Energy

These new cells reach efficiency ratings up to 20% and are applicable in many situations. They are printed used ink-jet technology on flexible plastic film, which should revolutionize manufacture in some ways.

When combined with current silicon cells, the efficiency and appeal of the panels can only increase. At least that is what the manufacturers and designers had hoped. The problem here is that there is another material found within these new cells that isn’t …

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