Is It Time To Consider Placing Solar Energy Farms On The Water

Various Tips  For Generating The Solar Energy

The benefits of solar power are undeniable. Many Americans have now come around to the idea of powering their homes and cars this way. Tesla made electric cars and solar energy cool again, and installations are gradually becoming more user-friendly.

The problem is that an increased call for solar means a need for large solar farms to provide the energy. There is some debate over the best location for these farms. One idea is to head out to sea with the new Heliofloat.

The New Heliofloat System Of Floating Panels Could Be The Answer To The Issue Of The Perfect Location

Solar Energy Platform

The idea is that these floating devices will provide a cheaper, more effective way to generate solar energy. The panels are carefully placed on top of open barrels that act as flotation devices due to the trapped air within. The company hopes that this will allow for more effective, low-cost production.

They also hope that the use of these floating platforms on lakes and reservoirs will prevent water loss by evaporation. This would kill two modern day ecological problems with one stone. Another clear benefit to this new design is that it is much stronger and more durable than other options for a solar power farm at sea.

The concern with traditional rig designs it that they are so rigid. This structure would be susceptible to damage from the waves, and the power supply could be interrupted, and money wasted. These flexible options are different, despite being much more lightweight. This flexibility means that they soak up the force of the waves without breaking. This also happens with the air cushion of the flotation barrels.

Then There Is The Issue Of Consistent, Reliable Solar Energy

Solar Power Farms

There is the chance here that these oceanic solar farms could also solve a bigger issue facing solar system designers. The current problem is that there is no guarantee over the amount of power generated. The inconsistency of sunshine means that some days can provide excess electricity and other days not quite enough.

One solution is to provide a back-up for the solar farm to continue power generation when the sun has gone down. A turbine system within these floating platforms would provide the ideal blend of solar and hydroelectric power for the best of both worlds.

Are Solar Farms On The Ocean The Most Logical Step For A Solar-Powered Future?

It is hard to imagine the world where we have these floating panels out in the ocean collecting the sun’s energy. It seems outlandish when we are only just getting used to adding them to our homes. However, there is the sense that this is the best candidate for the future. We don’t all have the roof space for a strong enough solar system with current technology.

Also, plans to limit solar power farms to desert areas are flawed. They are simply too far from civilization to be effective. Ocean-based farms in coastal regions would be different. There is great potential here to solve some ecological issues. We just have to get behind it.

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